Corporate Packages

Corporate Team Building

Allow "ICE" to help boost your company or team morale and more importantly camaraderie. Ice Bulb's team building presentation not only includes a live carving exhibition by world class carvers, it also allows each member of your group a hands on opportunity to build their own ice sculptures. This is a hands on (or as we say gloves on) learning experience using the latest tools and techniques. Ice Bulbs team building offers challenges, creativity and most importantly "FUN". Please call 1-877-ICE-BULB (877-423-2852)

Marketing/Mobile Tours

Ice lounges are quickly become the latest phenomenon across the world.   Since the first ice lounge opened in Sweden in 2002, other lounges have opened in Europe, Australia, Africa, India, London, Canada and recently Las Vegas for the first in the United States.  (Second Las Vegas location being built summer 2010) The lounge idea was modeled after the successful ice hotels. There are no signs of this trend letting up as the number of visitors, continue to support this creative, unique and COOL concept.  The ideas of having a 20 degrees environment and being surrounded by crystal clear ice in cold and warm weather climates allow for this to be an incredible destination to showcase a specific brand or product.  Never before has there been a TRAVELING or MOVING ice lounge.  This would be the first of its kind.  With this being said, it adds even more uniqueness to already exciting concept.   Please email for more information.

Product Promotion

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