Q. How long in advance do I need to order my ice sculpture?

A. For production reasons, we would like as much time as possible. Three (3) weeks is a good amount of advance notice. With this being said, if you have something last minute we will do our best to help accommodate you.

Q. How long will my ice sculpture last?

A. In a normal environment, most sculptures are designed to last at least 4-6 hours. It will also depend on size and detail of the sculpture. In-doors and in a normal temperature room will allow the ice sculpture to last the longest. Being out-doors is okay too, however ice sculptures cannot sit in the direct sunlight as the UV ray is harmful to the ice.

Q. Do you carve the ice sculpture on site?

A. No, we produce most ice sculptures prior to the arrival at your event. We do however offer ice shows or on-site carving. Please feel free to inquire about both.

Q. Does the equipment come with the ice sculpture?

A. No, as each customer is different. Some customers use their own and others re-use theirs from event to event. Ice Bulb does sell you the equipment if you do not have it.

Q. Do you light the ice sculpture?

A. Yes, with all of our equipment comes lighting. The amount of lighting depends on the ice sculpture

Q. Does Ice Bulb staff come back to remove the ice at the end of the event?

A. No, as most venues can handle the removal. We do offer a removal service which is an additional cost.

Q. How much do the ice sculptures cost?

A. Each sculpture, Ice Bar, or any ice décor is individually priced based on the design and size. Please feel free to inquire about a specific item for your personalized quote.