Disposable Furniture by Ice Bulb
by Tony Chavira
Published: June 9. 2009

Certainly an interesting option for social gatherings or one-off events, the sculptors at Ice Bulb have developed a system for fabricating event furniture out of gigantic blocks of ice. From the perspective of a guest, the furniture concept is highly inventive and ornate, but from the perspective of a designer, each furniture ice sculpture takes on a personality of its own. Aren't the spheres of ice placed as hanging curtains reminiscent of the design studio Bocci's lighting sculptures? Isn't the heavy modernist sofa design eerily reminiscent of Ron Gilad's work? Would you be surprised to see similar items in Tokujin Yoshioka's catelogue maybe? Though you may have to be willing to part with your specifically designed and sculpted furniture by the end of the evening, the Ice Bulb furniture may be worth it for an evening for all of your creative but discerning design friends!