Creative Genius
By Emily Watson
Published: September 01, 2009

Ice sculptor
Marc Entin
Co-founder and head designer of Ice Bulb LLC
Newport Beach

What you like best about being a designer: "We are creating things that people have not seen before."

Move over, ice swan on the buffet table. Marc Entin and his team at Ice Bulb LLC craft entire rooms, full-size cars and life-size elephants – out of ice. The company's motto: "If you can imagine it, Ice Bulb can build it."

Raised in Fullerton (he still lives there today), Entin graduated from Chapman University with a degree in business communications and went to work for the world's largest sports entertainment company, Anschutz Entertainment Group, or AEG. He spent eight years working in sales, sponsorship and business development for AEG's California operations, which took him to the ice, handling accounts with the Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks hockey teams.

In 2007, Entin co-founded Newport Beach-based Ice Bulb – a new-generation ice company. As the head designer of Ice Bulb, Entin works with the six-member creative team to design elaborate ice lounges, ice bars and drink luges, in addition to sculptures, centerpieces and corporate logos.

"Working with ice is definitely a new experience for a guy who grew up in Orange County," he says.

The designs are built to order in a freezer, some taking as long as six hours to complete. And the design possibilities are limitless. Ice Bulb's most elaborate sculpture to date: two full-size autos for Toyota. It took 10 hours to create.

And when he's not carving up the ice, he's either playing hockey on it or watching his favorite team, the Anaheim Ducks.